Top 10 Leasing Advantages



100% Financing
Lease financing covers 100% of the equipment costs. Some soft costs (installation, delivery...) can be included. No large down payments are required as they would in bank financing.


Conserve Working Capital
Your cash isn't tied up in equipment purchases. Compare a small monthly payment to a large cash outlay.
Convenience/ Simplicity
A simple one-page Lease Agreement is usually the only document needed for a lease designed to take red tape out of financing equipment for businesses.
Budgeting Assistance
A lease payment schedule can be customized to meet the needs of each customer. Unlike variable rate loans and lines of credit, lease payments are usually fixed allowing you to budget efficiently.

Obsolescence Protection
The lease can allow an upgrade to the latest equipment during the lease term. An upgrade option is typically not available if cash is paid or if a loan was taken out to pay for the equipment

Extend Current Credit Lines
Leasing provides a non-conflicting source of credit, thereby increasing the customers' borrowing base. It leaves current credit lines open and available for other uses.
Equipment Pays for Itself
Leasing allows the asset to be paid for as it generates revenue.
Possible Tax Savings
Often times a lease can be written off as a monthly expense. When equipment is purchased with cash or a loan is taken out to purchase equipment, the customer must depreciate the asset.
Leasing Offers Longer Terms
Our typical leases range from 12 to 60 months, however we have terms up to 10 years.
Our leases can be structured to fit your needs. Seasonal payments, 90 day deferred payments, and escalating payments are all examples of leases that can be tailored to your business.