Vicom Lease Plans


This is the most common lease plan offered. This is the lease where most companies will deduct the lease payments for tax purpose. At the end of the lease, the equipment can be returned, or it can be bought for 10% of the original equipment cost.


This plan offers YOU THE MOST OPTIONS both during and at the end of the lease. In addition, this plan is particularly beneficial to those wanting to have nominal cost and a low monthly payment. At the end of the lease term, you (the lessee) decide whether to extend the term of the lease, return the equipment, or buy it at its fair market value.

SECURITY DEPOSIT PLAN (a Secured True Lease)

This program offers the lowest monthly payment, and is especially attractive to those who are concerned about cash flow. The security deposits range anywhere from 10-30%, and can be very useful getting the marginal credits approved. By combining this feature with a true lease end-of-lease option, the monthly payment can really be driven down.

$1.00 BUY-OUT

For those who do not need the payments to be tax deductible or who do not want to have a buyout at the end of the lease, the $1.00 Buy-out lease is perfect for you. At the end of the lease the equipment is capitalized and depreciated just as if it had been purchased. This option is not available in all states, please call for availability.